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Hog Hunts:

Event Name: 4th Annual "War on Hogs" Hog Hunt
Date: January 29-31, 2016
Location: Wortham, TX
Entry Fee: With Dogs $300, With out dogs $100
Contact: Wortham PD 254.765.3444 or 254.765.3319
Description: Call for details.
Lie Detector Tested: Unknown
Event Name:
Entry Fee:
Lie Detector Tested:
Event Name: Boars of Texas Hog Hunt
Date: February 5 - February 7, 2016
Location: Hunt anywhere in Texas, weigh-in location Caldwell, TX
Registration: See the rules posted on the homepage, all details are contained therein, or stop by Homeyer Feed in Caldwell, TX and ask for the hog hunt forms. Updates will be listed on as well.
Entry Fee: $500/Team (side pots are included for Largest Boar, Largest Sow, and Longest Stringer)
Contact: or 979.255.0489.
Description: Live Hog Weigh-in with side pots, wild card drawing, and a free hunter raffle.
Lie Detector Tested: This hunt is Lie Detector Tested.
Event Name: Milam County Cowboy Church - Annual Hunt
Date: February 19-21, 2016
Location: 2100 N Hwy 77 Rockdale, TX
Entry Fee:
Contact: Kirk 512.630.1607
Description: Live Hog & Dead Hog Divisions by any means. Hog Buyer will be on site.
Lie Detector Tested: No
Event Name: Dog vs. Hog
Date: February 20, 2016
Location: Jermyn, TX
Registration: Contact for details
Entry Fee: $400/team. Side pots extra. Late registration extra.
Contact: Wade 940.550.4869
Description: Live Weigh in. 12 hour hunt. Heaviest 5. Teams paid for hogs.
Lie Detector Tested: Yes
Event Name: 9th Annual NTHD Champion
Date: February 19-21, 2016
Location: Red's Hog Buying Station in Paradise, TX
Registration: SEND ENTRY TO 344 cr 3573 Paradise Tx 76073
Entry Fee: $300, side pots extra.
Contact: M. Bennet 940.577.5289
Description: Live Hog weigh.
Lie Detector Tested: Yes
Event Name: 7th Annual Upshur County Hog Tournament
Date: February 19-21, 2016
Location: Gilmer, TX
Entry Fee:
Contact: Gilmer Chamber of Commerce 903 843 2413
Lie Detector Tested: Unknown
Event Name: King of The Woods
Date: February 20-21, 2016
Location: 2150 Hwy 36 N Brenham, TX
Registration: By No Later Than 5:00pm on Feb 19th
Entry Fee: $500
Contact: Benton Schulze 979-251-2438
Description: Dead hog weigh in for Heaviest Pig & Longest Stringer over 25 pounds. 4-man Team, Guns and Dogs only.
Lie Detector Tested: Unknown
Event Name: 4th Annual Chris Jones Hog Hunt
Date: February 26-28, 2016
Location: Calvert, TX
Registration: Up to Feb 19th by Mail, On site Reg. on Feb 26th.
Entry Fee: $300
Contact: Russell Smith 979.220.2683 or Nick Owens 979.308.5539
Description: Live hog weigh in. Heaviest 10. Big Boar, Big Sow, Longest Stringer
Lie Detector Tested: Yes
Event Name: 2nd Annual Real Squeal Outfitters Hog Hunt
Date: March 18-20, 2016
Location: Gatesville, TX
Entry Fee: $300 per team, helpers and side pots extra.
Contact: Nic Whisenhunt 254.495.2515
Description: Live Weigh-in, 60 pound minimum. Teams paid for hogs.
Lie Detector Tested: Yes
Event Name: Randy Bumpers Memorial Hog Hunt
Date: March 26-27, 2016
Location: Buffalo, TX
Registration: TBD
Entry Fee: TBD
Contact: TBD
Lie Detector Tested:
Event Name: 4th Annual Gordon, TX Wild Hog Hunt
Date: April 15-17, 2016
Location: Gordon, TX Ag. Science Center
Entry Fee: $300/ dog team, $150/ rifle or bow, with optional side-pots
Contact: Brett Trigg @ 940-445-7288
Description: Cash and prizes awarded for both divisions
Lie Detector Tested: Yes
Event Name: 2nd Annual AHDHA Wild Hog Round-up
Date: May 12-14
Location: Stockton, AL
Registration: By no later than April 24th at 5pm
Entry Fee: $200 per team
Contact: Joey Flowers: (251)-404-6653, email, or visit
Description: Dog & Knife, Dead Hog Weigh-in
Lie Detector Tested: Yes
Event Name:

Entry Fee:
Lie Detector Tested:

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Find a Team to Join:

My name is Bud Martin, and I am interested in the hunt. I am from Montana, but I'm currently in Hamlin Texas for a bit with my dogs and have been hog hunting here. If there is a team that might need a guy close to Hamlin, let me know. My dogs are experienced hog dogs. 406-370-5419 or Hamlin, TX. 2-3-2016

Our names are Doug and Mitchell Garver, and we'd like to either get on a team to hunt this competition or even just to come along as a spectators and help drag hogs out... either one. We're coming all the way to Texas to watch this weigh in, but we'd sure like to get in the mix while we're there, so we are coming early in case we can get hooked up with some of you folks. Call me as soon as you can; we are ready to go (Doug) 601.941.2420. Brandon, MS. 2-2-2016

My name is Robert Kuehler, and I know this is a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone wants/needs an extra hand for the hunt this weekend. Quick background on myself. I ran dogs in high school almost daily. I joined the Marines when I graduated in 07 and had to sell them. I'm back now, but don't have any dogs. I miss the rush and thrill of hunting and would like to participate. I have a 2015 Polaris ranger that is set up to hunt, and even a dog box, but like I said just don't have any dogs. I will pitch in on the team fee and do my part. Oh and I currently live in Cedar Creek TX, but will travel anywhere to hunt. Please give me a call if anyone can help out. 512.569.0427. Cedar Creek, TX. 2-1-2016

My name is Mike Jimenez and I'm looking for a team to join for the 2016 hunt. I have several thousand acres to hunt near Corrizo Springs, TX, but I don't have any dogs. If anyone is interested in teaming up with me, call me at 830.255.9078. Corrizo Springs, TX. 11-4-2015

I am from Lafayette LA and am looking for someone to join up with for the 2016 Boars of Texas Hog Hunting Competition. I have dogs, but no connections in Texas right now, so I'm reaching out to you folks to see if anyone has an opening. Give me a call at 337.578.9887. Lafayette, LA. 11-4-2015

My name is Brandon strong and I raise a lot of really well bred hog dogs. I'm looking for a team to join for the 2016 Boars of Texas Hog Hunt. I'm from Florida, but want to travel to Texas and hook up with a team to hunt this tournament. My number is 352.535.5079. Florida. 11-4-2016

I want to hunt the Boars of Texas competition, but Im not from TX. I have good dogs and am ready to go. I will be driving in from out of state to come compete, but just need a team to join with that has some decent places to hunt. Call 951-833-8116. Riverside, CA. 1-11-2013

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